Lisa Schrempp’s New Website:


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  1. Hi, I am son Chris is studing Ashtanga with Magnolia Zuniga in SF…he wanted me to contact you in regards to my disease…I have polycystic kidneys. I am in constant pain and take a lot of pain killers. I have just lost my job so I cannot afford to attend your classes but would still like some input…I would love to be off pain pills…thank you

  2. Lisa, I am interested in speaking to you about doing a personal yoga arevedic retreat with your guidance. I live in a very allergy prone area of Southern Illinois and need a break. I met you Jan 2010 and took a class or 2 with you This was a time when my Sufi Master sent me to Tuscon for a month to clear out my lungs. I also met with Gabriel Cousins and spent a week at the Tree. ,I was also an old time student of JivaMukti Yoga in the early day.

    I would like to improve my health and deepen my yoga practice. I was impressed by you and your bio. Do you take prople in to nurse them to health, of course for a fee. I am able bodied, but suffer very low lung chi. In addition, I could help with gardening, which I am experienced at, and other chores. My partner has offered to help me financially to heal my lungs.

    Frances Ganzekaufer AKA Azizza 618-713-1378

  3. I feel blessed to have met you in Encinitas Lisa! You’re an awesome teacher!!!



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